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GI Hollow Section 5.8M

SKU: 1008
Category: MS-GI and Steel Products
Size:15x15x1.5mm, 20x20x1.5mm, 20x40x1.5mm, 25x25x1.5mm, 40x30x1.5mm, 38x38x1.5mm, 25x40x1.5mm, 25x50x1.5mm, 50x30x1.5mm, 50x30x1.5mm, 25x75x1.5mmm, 50x50x1.5mm, 30x60x1.5mm, 40x60x1.5mm, 25x100x1.5mm, 37x77x1.5mm, 80x40x1.5mm, 38x100x1.5mm, 50x100x2mm, 100x50x1.5mm, 60x120x1.5mm, 50x150x1.5mm, 100x100x2.5mm, 150x50x2.5mm

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