Company Name: B.A.P.C & TRADING PVT LTD

Address: Okaasaa / S.Hithadhoo

Registration No: C-203/2004

Registered Date: 06th May 2004


Initially our construction business was an investment registered to Mohamed Abdullah (Kulhithulhaage/S.Hithadhoo) on 14th October 1998 and the name B.A.P Construction was a representative name given to the above mentioned investment from Ministry of Trade and Industries. The registration number of the investment was LI–98/90 and the main line of business was Building Construction.

In May 2004, B.A.P.C & TRADING PVT LTD (details given above) was registered with two shareholders [Mohamed Abdulla / Okaasaa– S.Hithadhoo & Sameeha Ibrahim / Okaasaa – S.Hithadhoo]. The share capital of the company is Maldivian Rufiyaa 900,000.00. The aims of this company are as follows:-

1- Building Construction (main line of business) 2- Trading

3- Import and Export

4- Providing Security Surveillance 5- Contact works

6- Environment Protection works 7- Organising social activities.

And the numbers of permanent staff currently employed (including board of directors) is 60 as follows:

Director                          02

General Manager          01

Administrator                 01

Engineers                      03

Architect                        02

Project Manager            01

Site Supervisor              04

Welder                           03

Mason                            11

Carpenter                      06

Bar bender                     02

Labour                           20

Dhoni Captain                04

Electrician                      06

Purchasing Officer         01

Driver                             04

Sales Manager              02

Sales Asst.                    06

Main Lines of Business


The company’s main business is construction related to any field. Whether, its construction of building in land or construction work in marine areas or any other, the most important work carried out is construction.


Hollow concrete blocks easier to place and also confer economics in foundation cost and consumption of cement. The advantages of uniform quality, faster speed of construction, lower labour involvement and longer durability. In view of these advantages, hollow concrete blocks are being used in construction activities. We always use latest machineries and equipment to make sure that the bricks are up to high standard in Quality. Our trained staff and supervisors make sure that the mixing ratio is maintained properly in order to the best in result.


BAPC Carpentry is Addoo-based carpentry and Construction Company with a special skilled labour hire division. Our team of master tradesmen specialise in detailed, high-quality finishes and sturdy workmanship. We  offer  bespoke design solutions for both residential and commercial developments.


Maldives is renowned as one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world. It is no wonder that Maldives tops the list of the most exclusive Sun-Sea-Sand hideouts in the globe. However, less known it is to the outside world, that the ‘Sea’ component denotes the means for lifeblood in this island nation as far  back as 10 BC.  BAPC Industrial  Fisheries,  the  pioneer  and  leading  force  in  the  Maldivian fisheries industry commenced its operation with over 5 years of expertise as a processor of tuna, on September 2010. Today the Company boasts of 5 years of experience and knowledgebase of the industry, through which it leads and contributes to shaping the future of this promising industry. Industry committed for traditional line & poll fisheries (1 hook 1 fish), every  single catch of Maldives Tuna is MSC certified.


BAPCAluminum is now well established under BAPC & TRADING PVT. LTD, in Maldives. BAPC Aluminum is engaged in fabricating of Aluminum doors, windows, curtain wall etc. BAPC Aluminum also undertakes installation  of aluminum cladding,  IDEABOND  composite  panels  and  other  aluminum products in accordance with the designs and concepts   of consultants. BAPC Aluminum has expanded its fabrication facilities with the latest machineries and is well positioned to market its products beyond its present client base. Over a decade the Company is meeting the agreed delivery dates, and executing the custom work exactly in accordance with the customer’s concept and providing the round  the  clock  after sales services to the customer. The focus of this business plan is to identify its future target clients, explaining its  marketing strategy, and to improve its  internal procedures so that it can substantially increase profitability.


With the start of construction business, BAPC has been importing a variety of materials from abroad for all its projects in order to benefit from the lower costs. Whilst doing  so,  the  management decided  to  provide  this  benefit  to  the community as well, by opening up a buildware outlet and providing buildware materials at lower prices to the public.

Time is worth

We understand that time is important for every one. We always keep our works attached to schedule


Flexibility is one of the most important thing in relation to customers. We are flexible, and willing to go with the customer demands in accordance to our policy


We always try and do our best to make all our services are attractive and customer oriented.


Simplicity is always the best way to express yourself. We are simple but committed with honest.

Choose us, we are professionals.

With 18 years of experience in the field of Building Construction and other related services, we can claim that we are most experienced people in the southern part of Maldives.